U.S. Air Force
      12th Tactical Fighter Wing Association

      Dedicated to the men and women veterans of the 12th Tactical Fighter Wing    

Founded By: David J. Hutchings, 1993



Joint Base San Antonio-
Randolph, TX

12th Bombardment Group

Subject: 12TFW Association operations and qualifications for admittance

This letter is to both provide clarification and act as an invitation to those who qualify to join our organization. We, the 12th TFW Association, consist of former officers, enlisted, and civilians (both contract and civil service), male and female, who were attached or provided support to the 12th TFW while the air wing was located at MacDill AFB, FL.; Cam Ranh AB, RVN; or Phu Cat AB, RVN. This further includes the 389th TFS and the 480th TFS at both Phu Cat and Danang and includes the widows of those who served in the 12th TFW, and there are many. We hold our reunions every 2 years (even numbered years), and we include and are associated with the 12th FEW/SFW Bergstrom AFB, TX, and the 12th FTW currently based at Randolph AFB, TX. These groups may at times, join us at the same reunion point, as a joint effort, but all hold separate business meetings. One group constitutes our history, and the other our future. We have found the mixes to have been a blessing for all. During each reunion, business meetings are conducted to elect or re-elect new officers and committee members and vote on potential reunion sites and association matters.

Dues are collected from our membership on a bi-annual basis and at the rate of $30 for two years. We are a not-for-profit organization, and use the money to fund mailers, search for future reunion sites by our all-volunteer staff, the research and documentation for of our history, and special projects.

The search for new 12th TFW Association members is accomplished through military and military retirement publications which advertise our reunions, and also by current members looking for old friends.

The Membership Roster of the 12th TFW Association is not a list of those who once belonged to the 12th TFW or any of its supporting units, but of those who qualify and want to join us at our reunions and fund the efforts of keeping the 12th TFW heritage alive and support it with dues. A membership roster is available to all members, but is considered proprietary and is not for general or public distribution.

Please consider this as an invitation to those that may qualify and wish to join us. Please also visit the web site at http://12tfw.org/ for the posting of the details on the rededication ceremony of the 12th TFW Memorial Monument at the Fremont County Air Park in Canon City, CO in August or September of every odd-numbered year, and where some of us continue to meet for this event.

Best regards, Everett J Sherwood, Member Communications 12th TFW Association Committee email: EJ12TFW@cox.net Note: Our next regular reunion will be in Pensacola, FL in 2014.

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